Hello, I'm @Snownel

I tolerate modern computers, I am an amateur digital archivist, and I really love writing. So, I made a website.

I'm also a queer leftist furry, so if you somehow stumbled upon this page and that's not your thing, now's your chance to bail out.

The long-form projects I work on in my spare time end up on this site. There are also some Telegram channels with short-form stuff.


If you are here, you probably know who I am. If not, and if need be, you can reach me primarily via email, Telegram, Second Life, and some other places on request.



While these channels are not explicitly pornographic, they are intended for adults only and I may post NSFW content. Do not view them if you are under 18 years old.

Emoji Packs:

Second Life

Other Sites I Host Stuff On